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Surfside Net Shop
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This is only an example of what you may find here at times

100' x 10' feet piece of netting 1" mesh  #7  Commercial Nylon Netting. This net is 100 ft long and 10 ft deep.  Ideal for small seine net for 1" fish for bait (mullets).  It's 1 " x 2" stretch holes.  Nylon is New.   Also could be use for a poultry garden netting-chicken pen-and an encloser for a goose pen and ducks.

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200' x 8' feet piece of netting 1" mesh (hole)  #208  Commercial Nylon Netting which is #4 nylon. This net will be cut it will be cut 1/3rd longer for the mich need slack and working room need for a 200' x 8'  but net can not be longer than title size which is 200 x 8.  This net is for uses for POULTRY NETTING  LIGHT SPORTS  STOP NET  FISHING NET  POULTRY NETTING BIRD NETTING GAME NETTING  GARDEN NETTING DECORATIONS PARTY NAUTICAL  NETTINGFOR ALL KINDS OF PLANTS 

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Seine nets require a commercial fishing license in some states and always a saltwater fishing license depending on the size or length of the net and also the size of the mesh-always wear a life vest when dragging a seine net as the undertow can carry you and the net away at times depending on the tide schedule-I have lost friends and people that I have known due to undertow and strong tide currents!!

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