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gill net 7 inch 60 mesh deep ( 35 ft ) 630ft long #6 twine size ( Japanese size #14) Thick selvages on top & bottom Strong & soft Break strength : 56 lbs

Just one example of what you might find here at times
600 feet of 40 lb. leadcore lead-line rope. Constructed with a braided, rot-proof synthetic cover over lead core. Approximate breaking strength is 600 lbs. Leaded line comes in several sizes. This is 40 lb. but it also comes in 20 lb, 30 lb, and 65 lb. This rope has lead in the center. The manufacturer calls this 1/4" - 40 lb. leaded line.  40 lb. means that a full spool (600 ft.) weight 40 lbs. The same is true for the 30 lb. A full 600 foot coil will weigh 30 lbs.  This lead core rope has many uses. Works great for gill nets, commercial fishing, bottom of sport nets and more.

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