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Tomahawk Rigid Single Door XL Fish Trap Easy Release - Model 406 - $64.60

The Tomahawk Model 406 is an extra large rigid fish trap with a single repeating trap door and an easy release back door. This repeating trap will continue catching fish as long as it is in the water. It measures 42L x 15W x 15H, is constructed with 1" x 1" - 14 gauge galvanized steel mesh and weighs 12 lbs. The size of the opening is about 4 inches in diameter, but the prongs can be bent inwards some if you need the hole to be smaller.


1 New Portable Folded Fishing Net Automatic Shrimp Minnow Crab Baits Cast Mesh Trap Fishing Tackle The fishing net cage is fold-able, convenient to carry. It is economical with simple structure. Fishing net trap with enter design is great for catching smelt, eel, crab, lobster, minnow, shrimp, craw fish, etc. Special zipper design for easily taking out what you caught. Fishing net trap is made of nylon net with circle alloy frame design, after folding it is small in size and easy to carry. Putting some baits in the middle bait bag, sinking the net in the river, then put some other baits in the river above the net, in order to let more fish, lobsters and others swim into trap, put away the net from the river when lots of fish swim above the trap net. Descriptions: 100% brand new Easy to use, when pull the top rope, then quickly opened, needn't install, very convenient! Fishing Net Trap with six enter design are great for catching smelt, eels, crab, lobster, minnows, shrimp and craw fish Use six solid steel bar bracket, so that the net could strong Special double zipper design for easy take out the fish, crab, lobster and craw-fish Diagonal:70-75cm/28.5"-29.53"(approx) Height: 30cm/11.81"(approx) Quantity:1 pc Package include 1 x Folding Fishing Shrimp Net

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