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Brand Name: Lawaia Product Type: Fishing Nets Knot Type: Single Mesh Size: Small Mesh Depth: 1.5m-2.4m With Glueing or Not: No Style: Monofilament Positionable or Not: No Thickness: About 0.2-0.3 Plastic Type: PE Mesh Size: 15mm-20mm Retractable or Not: Yes Type: Cast Net Length: Diameter 3m-4.8m Features: High quality chain pendant fishing net At the bottom of the net is a series of chains connected in series, the sinkers are tightly connected and the nets are launched faster.

Value best distinguishes the ego cast net product line from the competition. These cast nets have been designed for the professional guide captain serious sports fishermen and recreational angler wanting cast net performance without having to drain the bank account to acquire it. 6 panel construction Soft clear and durable monofilament Heavy duty stainless steel connector 25 ft hand line Rapid sink rate - 25 gram lead weights @ 1.0 lb/ft High-grade nylon braille lines Blue trim accents

ZANLURE 8ft-16ft Mono Mesh 0.75/1LB Cast Net Salt Water Bait Fishing Casting Net Sinker

This top of the line Pro Guide quality net features a six panel, top and bottom double selvage construction and is taped at the bottom to facilitate easdier faster opening.. The  nets are enhanced with Double Knotted Premium UBE Chip Monofilament Netting,3/8" square mesh, 100 lbs test Braille Lines and 1.35 lbs of actual lead weight per foot. All  nets include lead ball weights which improve on the fine-tuned sink to weight ratio of all Ahi USA nets. A long 30 ft handline is secured with a commercial grade anodized swivel. Each net is packed in a durable plastic  bucket, which works great for holding bait.

ZANLURE 10 Feet Cast Net Saltwater Clear Bait Cast Fishing Net

  • Old Salt 10 Feet 3/8' Inch Mesh Net.
  • Packed In A Reusable Utility Box.
  • Comes With "How To" Instructions, So Even Beginners Can Use This Net.
  • Fine 3/8" Inch Mesh Will Pull In All But The Smallest Fish.
  • The Old Salt Series Has Been Designed Over The Years To Become The Work Horse In The Industry.
  • These Nets Are Asked For By Name More Than Any Net Made.
  • All The Things Looked For In A Net.
  • Packed In A Durable Utility Box With Full "How To' Instructions.
  • Many People Use This Item For Survival, Hiking, Camping, Fishing, Traveling, Gift Idea, Recreational.
  • Not Limited To These.
  • For Men/Women/Kids.


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