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I am also seeking donations for an important environmental project and funding for future ecological projects-click the below image to see the site-I have done the work on this project over the past 40 years entirely by myself without support from the community or the state. tropical plant sale click here – Virus Scan Results

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this is the old Fishermans Wharf before it was torn down-
we used to surf all around this structure-many is the sunrise I watched from this place



Surfside Fishing Tackle Shop

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Some good advice-the rip tides and currents in this area
 have been known to take people out to sea and drown them-
if you like to wade fish in the surf area
 it is a good idea to wear a life vest
 or other flotation device that you can really depend on!!

Texas Gulf Coast Beach Currents can change very rapidly
 and are known to cause a lot of people to drown each year!!

Bryan Beach Jetties after being remodeled by the Corp of Engineers(they are a lot longer now than shown here)

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If anyone that used to fish or surf  or beach comb at the old Surfside Beach,TX 
in the 60s might have any photos of the beach and the old Fishermans Wharf-
the Jetties Area and other areas-please contact me at

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I also recommend wearing a good pair of old athletic shoes
 or shoes made for walking in the water areas
 to prevent cuts and stings-
there are a lot of sharp shells along the beach
 that can really ruin a nice day at the beach!!


Surfside Jetty after remodeling by the Corp of Engineers-
I used to dive for tackle off of these rocks-
I remember my Grandmother waking me up at 4am
 to go fishing here and across the channel
 at the old Velasco Jetty before the jetties were remodeled.

A word of warning-
there are a lot of Portugese Man O War Jelly Fish around these jetties
 and the sting is very painful!!

After a storm they have been known to cover the beach!!

The Surf-ready Spinfisher Combo is ready to cast with the exceptionally durable and capable Spinfisher 750SSm Metal Reel and the performance oriented Penn Spinfisher Surf Spinning Rod. The Spinfisher 750SSm Reel boasts an strong full metal body and is equipped with 5 corrosion resistant stainless steel ball bearings and an infinite anti-reverse roller bearing for immediate hook setting capabilities. Thanks to the latest in computer and stereo-lithography modeling the Techno-Balanced reel offers an incredibly balanced feel. HT-100 drag washers provide smooth drag under heavy loads and the Leveline spool wrap system is reliable and easy to use. The Spinfisher Surf Spinning Rod is designed to perform in the surf, whether you're throwing soft-plastics, hard-plastics, worms, and clam or slinging cut-bait. The Spinfisher Surf Rod features a high-modulus tubular graphite blank for increased casting distances and superior fish-fighting power and is equipped with friction reducing AX Spin aluminum-oxide guides. The rod features comfortable EVA grips and rod butts and hooded reel seats. Backed by a 1-year warranty from Penn, the Spinfisher Combo delivers an exciting performance at the waters edge.

 photo 71c54123-3b1c-4a77-b1e8-d21e4b0102ba_zps32f1d4dd.jpg

This was my playground almost every day spring and summer
I loved every minute of it even if the skeeters were terrible!!
Needless to say girl watching was one of my favorite pasttimes!!
With the Ship Channel right there the air can get to be pretty bad here at times!!

Me at the local Angleton Library working on my websites-one of my favorite hangouts!!
You can upload photos from your smartphone to and they will store them for free!!

Surfside Beach, TX: See house over water
you can see the effect of tide and current erosion on Surfside Beach Texas-the beachfront used to extend for several hundred feet in front of this beachhouse.
I own the copyright for a beachfront jetties network design (to control this erosion) that extends from the mouth of the Brazos River to the mouth of the San Luis Pass area.
I believe that it is the force of the current from the creeks and bayous whose entrance was closed off and their course was changed, and is being forced to flow through the ship channel,
 that is causing this erosion effect-these creeks and bayous need to be reopened to allow the current to follow its natural flow path!!
 As it is the force of the current is actually flowing under Surfside Island and is washing it away!!
Bluewater Highway that follows the coastline to Galveston from Surfside Beach area has washed out several times in the past due to this effect!!
While swimming in some areas along the beach I have observed the flow of the current emerging from under the beach with some force!!
This is all part of my copyrighted program!!

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A word of advice from someone who has had a lot of experience with car and truck breakdowns at the beach-always keep both a set of jumper cables and a good battery booster pack in the trunk of your car or in your truck toolbox-or under the seat when you are camping out at the beach or gone fishing on the jetties!!

This website is managed by a
Veteran of the US Armed Forces.
Veterans remember to get your flu and tetnus shots
 for free at your local VA Clinic!!

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to a good responsible fisherman-a good knife is a tool to be used for cleaning fish and rigging tackle-not to be used as a weapon if at all possible!!

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